Second Opinion Program

IDG Group is proud to offer a Medical Second Opinion Program. This program provides you with access to specialty physician expertise from the comfort of your home. It may be particularly helpful for patients who are faced with a serious diagnosis and would like their medical records to be examined again by a top-rated American physician before proceeding with a specific course of treatment. Following a thorough review of your medical records and diagnostic tests, your American doctor will render a medical second opinion that includes treatment options or alternatives, as well as recommendations regarding your continuing medical treatment.

The first step in pursuing the best treatment option for you is confidently understanding your condition and your options. Our Medical Second Opinion Program is designed to help you make an educated decision in the pursuit of your well-being.

Once you decide to request a medical second opinion, please fill out the Second Opinion Request Form and send all of your medical reports directly to IDG Group. The IDG case manager will arrange any translations, if needed, and refer the case to a specialist. Your case will then be reviewed by the specialist as quickly as possible. After your second opinion is rendered, your case manager will arrange to have it translated into your native language and then send it to you and your primary physician. Our goal is to have your second opinion completed within fifteen (15) business days from the time we have received all of the requested medical information and supporting documents.

Ready to request a second opinion? Please fill out the Second Opinion Request Form and send all medical records by e-mail or by mail.

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