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Medical proceduresIDG Group helps international patients gain access to the most advanced medical treatment in the world. IDG Group makes patients’ treatment easier by helping them choose the best hospital facility and physician to address their individual needs. Our team will also assist you with scheduling appointments, transferring records and translating documents. We also provide travel-related services, including assistance with US visas, airfare, hotel reservations and other administrative needs.

Browse the links below to learn more about how IDG Group can help you and your physician arrange appropriate medical treatment or diagnostics in the U.S.


Our comprehensive physical exam has been developed with the goal of finding disease in its early stages, when it can be easily and effectively treated. 


Here you will find a selective list of surgeries that can be organized by IDG Group for international patients; you may also print out informational brochures on these procedures. 

Diseases & Conditions
Browse a comprehensive listing of diseases and conditions for which you can receive treatment and diagnostics.

Scheduling an Appointment
Contact IDG Group to schedule a medical appointment.

Medical Records
Get instructions on how to transfer a patient’s medical records to IDG Group.

Second Opinion Program
The IDG Group Medical Second Opinion Program allows you to access the specialty physician expertise from the comfort of your home.

IDG Group Concierge Services
These services are designed to help patients every step of the way, from obtaining a U.S. visa to making hotel reservations, in order to receive the best health care in the world.

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