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Your Comprehensive Physical Exam will be conducted in a next-generation preventive medical facility, located in Princeton, NJ. The company provides one of the most advanced, integrated and individually tailored programs in the country for improving and sustaining your well-being and longevity as well as evaluating and modifying your risk of future disease. Take advantage of one of the most Comprehensive Programs in the United States of America.

Please call or fill out the "Send us a message" form on your right and your personal Patient Care Coordinator will contact you shortly to schedule your Comprehensive Physical Exam appointment. Below is an overview of the exam components and pricing. For full details, view the Comprehensive Physical Exam brochure (PDF).

Comprehensive Physical Exam Overview

High Definition 64-Slice CT Scanning
Detailed CT imaging can detect early cancers, kidney stones, gall stones and other abnormalities giving you advance warning before any symptoms are present. The CT Vascular Scan can find serious problems, such as aneurysms, which are generally not detected by physical examination, EKG, or stress test. Coronary Calcium Scans can reveal the presence of coronary artery atherosclerosis, the most important and predictive factor in determining your risk of heart attack or stroke. Virtual Colonoscopy is also available as a more comfortable, non-invasive alternative for colon cancer screening. It’s tomorrow’s technology…today!

Comprehensive History and Physical Examination
Our medical staff thoroughly reviews your medical history, family history and other factors that might contribute to future disease.

Preventive Cardiology
We offer aggressive intervention for the prevention of heart attack or sudden death. Our philosophy embodies an integrated approach of cardiac imaging using 64-Slice CT and advanced metabolic testing to fully characterize cardiac risk. Our unique program creates a regimen tailored to the individual including diet, exercise and medication when needed, to slow, stop or even reverse coronary artery disease.

Laboratory Tests
Our on-site laboratory tests will evaluate the current health of your internal organs, check for diabetes, thyroid abnormalities,as well as assess your risk for coronary artery disease and screen for early warning signs of cancer. Lab test results are available the same day as your exam.

Women’s Health
Our experts provide an experienced, proactive approach to managing and preventing osteoporosis, peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms, female-specific diseases and more. We can provide the guidance and advice you need to make decisions about hormonal therapy, alternative medicine and lifestyle management.

Nutritional Assessment
Our in-depth nutritional analysis is a key component of your day. A Nutritionist will show you how to optimize your diet and nutrition in ways that work with your lifestyle. Your plan also includes guidance on proper use of vitamins and supplements to maintain optimal health and help to prevent future diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

Fitness Assessment
An Exercise Physiologist will measure your body composition, strength, flexibility, posture and level of fitness to design a personalized exercise plan that fits into your busy lifestyle. We will show you how a fitness program does not have to require expensive equipment or large amounts of time to have a dramatic effect on your well-being now and in your future.

Exam Pricing

Comprehensive Physical Exam — $

In addition to the comprehensive physical exam, we offer the following services:

Virtual Colonoscopy — $

  • A comfortable, safe and effective alternative to invasive Colonoscopy

Advanced Cardiac Assessment Package — $

  • Non-Invasive 64-Slice CT Cardiac Angiography
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Lipid Analysis*:
    • LDL Particle Size Distribution
    • HDL Particle Size Distribution
    • Apo B
    • Lp(a)
    • Apo E Genotype

Golf Clinic Fitness Upgrade — $

  • Work with our specially trained Exercise Physiologists on the bio-mechanics of your golf swing.
  • Get an individualized assessment and plan for improving your balance, core strength, flexibility and dramatically improveyour game.
  • Improve your swing’s energy transfer and control, increase your power, eliminate aches and pains and lower your risk of injury

1 Year Integrative Health Coaching — $

  • Quarterly Monitoring Phone Calls by RN
  • Unlimited Email Monitoring and Assistance from Dieticians and Exercise Physiologists

Titanium Exam — $

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam
  • Advanced Cardiac Assessment Package or Virtual Colonoscopy
  • 1 Year Integrative Health Coaching

*Labs not performed by PLC directly will be billed through your insurance

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